Developing a thought leadership strategy is a challenge even for the most clever of marketers. It’s also one of the greatest opportunities brands have to strengthen reputation and boost demand. So where does one begin? As an avid social media user, I say go right to the source. Individuals and brands who have mastered the art and science of marketing thought leadership take to Twitter daily to share their expertise with followers, supplying tips, tricks and smart insights on all things thought leadership. We’ve compiled 10 thought leadership marketing Twitter accounts you should follow:

  1. Chris Brogan – A New York Times best-selling author and one of today’s most noted marketing minds, Chris shares marketing tips as well as articles that influence his everyday life.
  1. Kare Anderson – Kare is a consultant and in-demand speaker. Thought leaders turn to her to help develop their style and hone their skills – and she shares some of this expertise via Twitter. Lucky us!
  1. Nilofer Merchant – A social-era expert, Nilofer has made an impact as a speaker and author by inspiring people to be more active and connected. Her Twitter feed provides expert insight, as well as personal opinions on how to improve your life outside of the workplace.
  1. Rand Fishkin – Improve your marketing and you will improve your impact, according to Rand. Follow his feed to learn about innovative marketing tactics to apply to thought leadership strategy and beyond.
  1. Ann Handley – An expert in B2B marketing, Ann knows how to get to the forefront of influential minds. Her Twitter feed will give you a peek inside her thriving marketing academy, “MarketingProfs.”
  1. Jay Baer – Creator of incredibly sharable content, Jay provides his followers with entertaining and enlightening content. His tweets will help shape your strategy in ways you’ve never thought of.
  1. Gary Vaynerchuk – Gary’s personal touch is noteworthy. Not only will you find tweets with gems of thought provoking insight, you will find videos that educate and entertain.
  1. Clay Christensen – One of today’s most influential thinkers and doers, Clay’s social feed is an impressive reflection of how an impactful thought leader spreads knowledge and inspires others to do good in business and in life.  He shares insightful articles, important research, and kudos to colleagues we should all be mindful of.
  1. Daniel Pink – Daniel’s Twitter presence is a go-to source for decoding current events, as well as compiling tips for being more effective and influential in your workplace and beyond. For developing strategy, his tweets break down immediate “to-dos” to help you get to where you want to go.
  1. Murray Newlands – Murray has become a thought leader by uplifting his followers. His Twitter feed provides perspective while you navigate the waters of creating your strategy and finding your voice.

Of course, I’d be remiss not to include bonus number 11: Stern Strategy Group ( Our Twitter feed helps you make the connection between thought leadership strategy and growth (in reputation and revenue) while also connecting you with the people who do it best – our seasoned pros and our clients.

By following and engaging with influential thought leaders, expert marketers and top industry publications, your understanding of how to elevate thought leadership – your own or that of your organization and its experts – will grow in organic and valuable ways.

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Carly was most recently an associate with Stern Strategy Group.