Fall is a season of reflection, transition and change. As we begin to dig deep into 2020 strategic communications planning, now is the perfect time to take stock of progress, where work still needs to be done, and ensuring the marketing approach aligns with business goals. I recently revisited a Native AdVice article that I contributed to awhile back. The insights are just as relevant today, so I’m sharing them again. I believe every marketer and communicator, at all levels of business, will find them useful as we continue to explore emerging trends, face challenges and harness new opportunities. (You can read the full article here.)

Emerging industry trends?

The lines between public relations and marketing continue to blur – and in some cases, disappearing altogether. Historically, the two disciplines have been siloed; they’re now working together toward the same goals: customer engagement and business growth. This integration is elevating the need for strong strategy.

Additionally, the call for more authentic marketing is louder than ever. More face-to-face engagement (e.g., speaking, networking, events), more engaging content, more immersive experiences. These are all opportunities for companies to connect with stakeholders more personally and genuinely.

Industry opportunities or challenges?

Just about every business in every industry is undergoing some form of transformation. The way we connect with each other and with our customers, how we consume information, how we communicate – it’s all changing. Again.

The way we connect with each other and with our customers, how we consume information, how we communicate – it’s all changing, againClick To Tweet

It’s challenging for all. For some, it’s disruptive. But the opportunities are vast if you know how to capitalize on them. We’re helping our clients create (and implement) the right strategies to cut through the complexities and noise. Getting them in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right ways impacts business – in reputation and revenue. Our success centers on strong partnerships with our clients, and helping ensure they make the most of their budgets and resources. Also vital is focusing on creating demand, not just for products and services, but more so, for the brand behind those products and services. This is how customer relationships flourish and where sustainable growth happens.

Here’s to positive changes ahead and a 2020 strategic communications plan that will help guide your way.

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“Everything inevitably changes. All we really have are our actions.” This principle, loosely based on the Buddhist five remembrances, guides Susan, our founder and fearless leader. Over the last 30 years, she has experienced her fair share of change and believes her ability to adapt without sacrificing integrity – while helping clients and colleagues do the same –has helped her, and the agency, thrive. As president, Susan regularly consults on the strategic direction of client programming and ensures the firm’s core values are embedded in all aspects of the business. A strong and empathic leader, she most enjoys spotting the potential in people, and then giving them the “space to stretch” and experiment to fulfill their promise. It’s a passion that carries to her personal life, as well, and her love for children. “You just never know where they will go.”