In many brands, marketing teams and PR departments still operate in silos. The belief is the two disciplines serve different purposes. Not so. In today’s increasingly integrated world of customer experience and holistic communications, marketing and PR must work side-by-side, not separate. Brand leaders, don’t choose one or the other; as SmartInsights points out, they’re two sides of the same coin.

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Marketing and PR share a common goal: to put your brand in front of buyers. Here are four reasons that prove it’s not luck, but logic to bring the two disciplines together.

How to Integrate Marketing and PR:

Maintain Consistent Messaging

While the brand voice may change depending on the medium (social, for example, should exude personality and take more risks; sales materials, on the other hand, are more technical and buttoned-up), messaging – namely the brand story and value of products/services – needs to sing consistently across all channels of outreach. That’s hard, if not impossible, to accomplish if marketing and PR efforts aren’t aligned.

Use PR to Amplify Content

Brands invest a tremendous amount of time and money in content development – from articles and blogs to videos and executive presentations. PR efforts are designed to amplify this content, finding homes for bylines and other multimedia content among third-party platforms and publications. This, in turn, fuels the marketing funnel, feeding customer newsletters, website landing pages, social media pipelines, and more. Use the combined power of PR and marketing to create content that will reach, engage and influence your audiences.

Optimize Everything

Marketers have long focused on optimizing content in digital promotional materials, like online ads, and on websites to ensure measurable findability. That SEO specialization should be used to boost the visibility of PR content, too – press releases, blogs, editorial articles, etc. – by optimizing the copy around specific keyword(s) and strategically back-linking to the company website, specific landing pages and the company blog.

Today’s marketing and PR functions are on the same team. Leverage synergies and expertise to amplify the reach of your brand’s content. After all, you’re working toward the same mission: to build awareness and business. Those aren’t the outcomes of luck, but of collaboration.

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