There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available at the swipe of a screen. With so many options and only 24 hours in the day, it’s important for podcasters to work into their strategy creative ways to draw and keep the attention of a distracted audience. As I reflect on the first two seasons of Minds Worth Meeting, our agency’s B2B podcast, I’m evaluating three techniques adapted from a few of TV’s favorite shows to add interest to episodes.

Three Techniques to Elevate Your B2B Podcast

Keep Your Audience Coming Back with Recurring Segments

Just like “Hot Topics” that open each episode of The Wendy Williams Show, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’s “Today’s Future Now,” recurring segments give audiences quick, interesting content outside of the main interview or discussion. In Minds Worth Meeting interviews, we tackle serious issue about business, societal change, technology and education (to name a few). But we also extract a more human and personal side of our guests. In season two, we added the “Lightning Round,” a short segment at the end of each episode. This segment asks our guests to reveal how they became who they are today, and to share some hopes and dreams for the future. Whatever type of segment(s) you choose to break up your episodes, ensure it aligns with the overall goal of your B2B podcast.

Use Original Music to Make Your B2B Podcast Instantly Recognizable

Another great way to break up the segments and transition from one topic to the next is instrumental music. Melodies incite memories. The nearly 30-year-old Simpsons’ theme song is one of the most distinguishable for me. If you consistently use the same tunes across episodes, listeners will come to associate your show with that song or songs. Minds Worth Meeting uses two original songs that we composed with the free app Music Maker JAM (one as our theme song and one for transitions). If you don’t have the time or musical know-how, download tunes for free with Bensound. Don’t forget to credit sources in your show notes.

Add Layers to Your Audio with Energizing Sound Effects

There’s no mistaking what you’re about to watch when you hear this sound. Across all its spinoffs, NBC’s Law & Order maintains that one, immediately recognizable sound effect. In fact, it’s become an auxiliary character. (Fun fact: the ‘dun-dun’ is a wild mix of many sounds, including a closing jail cell door and a crowd of men stomping on the floor.) B2B podcast effects need not be quite so complicated. The key is finding brand-appropriate sounds. In season two of our B2B podcast, we chose a crowd applause that plays when the Pod Squad is introduced in the episode credits. Explore the royalty-free effects to discover effects that will work best.

Keep experimenting with new ways to excite and grow your listener base.

Viewers have greater choice for TV shows and series than ever before (hello, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon!). Likewise, people are seeking an ever-growing variety of podcasts for education and leisure. This requires podcast producers to emulate the most creative minds in the entertainment industry, and to draw listeners back with memorable, engaging techniques. Leave a comment to let us know how you make your B2B podcast stand out. In the meantime, keep experimenting.

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