Social media can be fun, enticing, exciting, but also overwhelming. In the ever-growing space of social media, where does your brand need to have a strong focus and presence? (Hint: it’s NOT everywhere). Platform selection all comes down to your target audience and where your content will have the most impact.

Social media can breathe new life into long-ago created and since forgotten content.Click To Tweet

There is one platform in particular that I believe is worthy of more attention from brands: Facebook. You may be asking yourself where in the realm of Facebook recipe videos, puppy pictures and political monologues does my business-oriented content fit in? Valid question.

Five reasons Facebook deserves to be a key component of your social strategy

  1. Dynamic Posting Options

Facebook continues to develop new ways to improve the way you share content. Whether you choose the traditional status update, a photo post or one of the newest features, such as Facebook Live, you have the ability to customize your followers experience so that your content is tailored to each specific campaign you run.

  1. It Gives Your Content New Life

Across the board, social media helps breathe new life into otherwise stale, and long-ago created and since forgotten content. Facebook in particular allows you to refresh your content in a way that’s visually appealing for a long-form blog post.

  1. Reach

With 1.23 billion active users every day on Facebook, the potential to reach your target audience is high. It’s not about reaching the masses, remember. Facebook offers valuable features to zero in on specific audience groups. Looking to engage educators? Search for groups where teachers collaborate.  Trying to reach technology gurus? Tag well known technology influencers and go-to publications in your next post. Of course, sponsored content is always an option too.

  1. The Personal Touch

Giving your followers a window into your brand’s personality is two-fold on Facebook. Include locations and emotions that help your follower understand the ethos behind what you’re sharing. Don’t hesitate to use these functions; they’re relatable.

Facebook also makes it easy to connect in real-time with your followers. See someone shared your article? Return the favor by “loving” their update. Did a fan post a positive review on your page? Send a customized reply thanking them for their loyalty. Show your fans you’re listening. It goes a long way toward building trust and reputation.

  1. Easy Interface:

When it comes to being user friendly, it doesn’t get simpler than Facebook. With every new feature, the team at Facebook has found a way to maintain the simplicity of sharing content with your followers. With steps as easy as click upload, then share, you have no excuses to getting your content out in the world!

Social media’s value within your communications plan will continue to grow. As you evolve your strategy, keep Facebook in mind.

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Carly was most recently an associate with Stern Strategy Group.