Here in New Jersey, we enjoyed an Indian summer. We’re still finishing the last of the Halloween candy. And Christmas decor has been in the stores for what seems like months. Did we skip Thanksgiving? Before we fast-forward to celebrating the new year, I urge everyone to pause. In a year that feels like more has changed in our industry and in the world (for better or worse) and changed faster than ever before, reflection is critical to progress.

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Here Are 4 Things in PR Strategy To Be Thankful For:

The “new” media relations landscape

Media relations, on its own, doesn’t pack the same punch it once did. But that doesn’t mean we need to archive the tactic; it just means we should no longer rely on just media to share stories, boost credibility and strengthen reputation. Consider this change an exciting opportunity to think about and implement other, just as effective, alternatives to communicate your brand. There are plenty of PR strategy tactics that will not only stretch you professionally but will allow your company to grow in ways you didn’t foresee. For example, don’t wait for a publication to tell your story. Be your brand’s journalist. Create (and publish) content. Expand your network of influencers and brand champions. The options are nearly endless.

Snackable, curated content

I don’t know anyone who feels they have enough time in their day to accomplish everything, including reading through article after article or blog post after blog post. Snackable, bite-sized pieces of content that can be consumed when we’re standing in line, waiting for an elevator, sitting in a doctor’s office or in transit between meetings is invaluable. Even newsletters – digital, well designed, and carefully curated – are ideal ways to sift through and digest content. They help me stay on top of relevant news, keeping me and my clients in the know.

The rise of transparency

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the term “fake news” in 2017 I could retire while I’m still in my twenties. However, I do believe there’s an upside to this influx of “alternative facts.” This incessant itch from the public to sift through what’s right and wrong and what’s true vs. not has forced brands in every industry to double down on transparency. Being straightforward with your key stakeholders and audiences strengthens credibility, improves reputation and encourages customer loyalty. In a time when there’s so much uncertainty, it pays to be authentic in all aspects of life and work. Same goes for your PR strategy.

The power of graphics

Finally, we get it! Until recently, compelling graphics were seen more as “nice to haves” not “need to haves.” But today, they’re proven pieces of the PR strategy puzzle. Whether it’s within presentations, accompaniments to pitches, or social media eye-candy, we’re thankful people are realizing the power of graphics and visuals.

What are you thankful for this year – in life and in the world of PR strategy?
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Specializing in media relations, social media strategy and social content creation, Ashley works with clients across various industries – accounting, technology, finance and law – and plays a key role in the development of client programs and overall project management. During her tenure with Stern Strategy Group, Ashley has gained experience working alongside associations and non-profit clients to help advance program goals. When not at work, you’ll find Ashley outside – from hiking to running or just hanging with family and friends.