B2B companies that regularly blog generate 67% more sales leads than non-blogging companies. Here are four B2B blog best practices.

B2B Blog Best Practices:

Write for a Real Person

Just because you’re writing “business to business” doesn’t mean you can forget you’re still “talking” to a real person. What makes that person – that target audience – tick? What are their needs, wants, interests, motivations? Create a buyer persona profile for each of your target audiences. Who are they? What are their problems and challenges? What is important to them? Who influences their decision to buy or take action? Where do they go for information and how do you they consume it? Keep your persona in mind for every blog you write.

Demonstrate Your Thought Leadership

Remember, people no longer solely buy products; they buy into ideas and solutions from like-minded people and brands. Showcase your expertise – your thought leadership – and prove you (and your brand) are the best person for the “job.” Answer questions and identify untapped opportunities. Be informative and insightful. And always ask yourself: is this blog something I would bookmark – or delete? 

Blogs are opportunities to reach people with an established interest in what you have to say – and what your company has to offer.Click To Tweet

Be Genuinely Helpful

Your ideal buyers are smart. They do business with other smart people – and companies – who they trust. Your blog content must communicate these qualities: intelligence and confidence. Eliminate the jargon and help them make sense of things. Offer perspective, informed opinions and market-backed research that will influence their point-of-view, inform their decisions and open them up to new ways of thinking. Use examples, facts and quotes. A little humor now and then doesn’t hurt either.

Keep in mind, though, there’s a fine line when it comes to B2B blog best practices. You need to offer genuinely useful, prescriptive advice while also highlighting how your company can help solve the problem. It’s all about telling readers what to do, then letting them know how you can help them do it better – or faster, easier, etc.

Offer a Freebie – and a Strong Call to Action

Your blogs are an important part of your content marketing strategy. Use them to help generate leads. Presenting a complimentary – and complementary – piece of content or other offer in return for readers’ contact details is one of the easiest ways to make that happen. Link to an additional resource that promises further value. An e-book or guide that gives more of a “how to” on the subject. A white paper or research study that digs even deeper into the topic. A case study or two that showcases how others are solving similar challenges. Appropriate calls to action vary depending on where your reader is in their buyer’s journey, but they all share a mission: to get a reader interested in more, and ultimately (ideally), convert them into a customer.

Blogs are excellent opportunities to reach decision makers and influencers with an established interest in what you have to say – and what your company has to offer. Get into a production rhythm and watch how the power of blogging impacts your business for the better.

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