If you’re not using SlideShare, you’re missing out. A global hub of professional content, it offers terrific potential to boost your brand’s B2B content marketing strategy and social media efforts. And with more than 60 million unique visitors each month (and 500% more traffic from business audiences than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), it’s growing.

SlideShare is also a great source of design inspiration. Part of my job entails reviewing and selecting the best design work, finding new techniques and trying new styles. SlideShare never fails to spark creativity. Not only are the presentations good for design hacks, but they don’t feel like the traditional, dreaded PowerPoint.

I’ve compiled some of the most helpful presentations that offer best practices for typography, content layout, images and promoting/leveraging your SlideShare.

Try These SlideShare Best Practices

Creating a successful SlideShare requires a thoughtful combination of optimization, image use, typography and content. The links below provide some great tips to help you understand how to apply these tactics in your presentation.

Optimization: To get more leads and drive traffic to your SlideShare, utilize Twitter. Also, be sure to use descriptions and optimize your headline for keywords that can be searched in Google.


Images: The key to using stock photos is to stay away from images that are too literal (i.e., a picture of a person’s ear for a slide on listening)


Typography: Forty-five percent of the presentations on SlideShare average 24 words per slide. Make your text larger and bolder. The less text on a page the better. Generic fonts don’t have to be size 12.


  • 5 Tips For Better Typography In Your Slides – Font are just as important as images. This presentation shares some interesting tips for choosing typography.  Remember, white space is a good thing. Let your slides breathe.
  • Crispy Presentations – This is a great site for presentations, over all. It has free templates and blog posts that show you “hacks” for designing slides.

Content Layout: Your presentation should tell a story. Include a key takeaway that wraps into your story line. Think about the main points you’d like to cover and use those as a structure for your presentation.


  • How to Cook Up an Awesome Deck – Offered by some great marketers, these tips show you everything from how to present your deck to how to get the most views on your presentation.
  • 8 Tips for an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation – This is one of the most helpful SlideShares for creating presentations. Avoid using cliché templates and take the time to create your own designs. Use modern fonts, limited text and an abundance of imagery.

If SlideShare isn’t currently part of your communications strategy and tactical plan, it should be. It’s an opportunity to not only extend the mileage of existing content, but also your organization’s reach.

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