Kaleidoscopic: an adjective meaning multifaceted; constantly shifting. It’s a word I first heard when my high school teacher used it to describe me in a college recommendation letter. And two decades later, it’s now a word that perfectly defines the company I work for – and the world in which we live and play. For anyone and any organization in any industry with a brand strategy, if you’re not kaleidoscopic, you’re not thriving.

Kaleidoscopic: multifaceted; constantly shifting. In any industry, if you’re not kaleidoscopic, you’re not thriving.Click To Tweet

Here are just a few of the PR, marketing and brand strategy trends that require us to be so versatile, agile, well-rounded and ever-evolving – or in a word, kaleidoscopic.

Brand Strategy Trends:

Regaining lost trust in media

The credibility of national media continues to be dealt a million blows. One of our biggest challenges (and opportunities) is for brands to establish their own credibility – through their own content. Don’t wait for journalists to publish your story. Shifting your media strategy to that of content marketing is a straightforward way to make that happen. 

Leveraging writing skills

The lines between editorial content and advertising continue to blur. But while paid placements, particularly in the social space, are getting a bigger piece of the marketing pie (and budget), it’s not a lost opportunity for PR pros. Writers skilled at capturing the unique voices of the brands they represent are in-demand – for “free” and paid media.

Redefining influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a big buzzword these days. It’s grown wildly in the last few years, but it’s still early-days for brands’ understanding of what it really is and how it should be leveraged within a larger communications plan. In fact, our agency doesn’t define influencer marketing as a paid tactic at all. Connections and relationships don’t necessarily need to be bought if approached in a strategic way.

Racing with the machines

Beyond the obvious, such as media monitoring, basic research, and other mundane tasks, artificial intelligence or AI has the potential to automate some of the most important PR and marketing functions. Intelligent chatbots may even assume a major role in media relations. Going forward, we must focus more on developing and implementing creative strategies and programs to create awareness, protect and improve reputation, and contribute to producing revenues. Focus on doing what machines cannot.

It’s my new year’s hope that all brands commit to being more kaleidoscopic. Those that do, will win.

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Tara’s curiosity and creativity consistently drive clients and colleagues toward their goals in ways never before imagined. Whether she is making powerful connections on the conference circuit or translating narrative into a compelling visual form, Tara is counted on for her sharp ability to make communications concepts come to life. In her role as vice president, she leads our direct engagement competency and guides strategy for visual and graphic projects. Tara’s inquisitive nature extends to her personal life where she is learning to craft leather handbags and building a hockey rink for her children in her backyard.