You’ve engaged in communications planning. You’re doing all the “right” things: checking off your list of tactics, getting “results.” But the wins aren’t the home runs you envisioned (or promised your boss). The reasons why could be attributed to any number of variables, but it’s clear something isn’t working.

Mirror, Mirror: Does Your Communications Strategy Need a Makeover?

Tweaking your existing plan for 2018 may not work either. Click through the SlideShare above for five tell-tale signs your communications strategy needs a makeover. And consider the following questions in your communications planning. Can you answer “yes” to all of them? If not, it’s time to make a change.

  1. Does your messaging clearly position your brand as the industry leader?
  2. Can you connect communications results to sales?
  3. Does your content speak your customers’ language?
  4. Is your target market healthy and growing?
  5. Is your brand at least part of the industry dialogue?

A communications strategy makeover requires some grit and courage – and a lot of research to inform, validate and drive your new direction. But investing time now in your communications planning will ensure your plan is aligned with business goals and positioned for success. Before you start, sit down with your boss. Gather insights about priorities. Ask probing questions. Forget what you think you know and don’t worry about budget (yet). If nothing else, you’ll come away with confirmation that you’re on the right path. (Bonus: your boss will know it too.)

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For nearly 15 years, Jen Zottola has helped bring clients’ stories to life – through media opportunities, digital and marketing content, executive presentations, employee communications and more. Fusing creativity with strategy, she crafts compelling, award-winning copy proven to reach and resonate with the right audiences in the most impactful ways. As editorial director, Jen collaborates with clients and account teams to provide counsel on messaging and voice, as well as writing and editing support. Her creativity isn’t reserved only for writing; Jen also gets a kick out of party- and event planning.