So, you want to start a blog. Maybe you already have one. The process feels simple. You are a strong writer. You’re the thought leader and expert in your field. It should be a no brainer! We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but your blog content strategy must be more methodical than simply writing whenever an idea pops in – it requires an overall blog content strategy. Hypothetically, let’s say you already have a website in place that you feel great about. It’s beautifully designed and a strong reflection of what you and your company represent. Importantly, it’s ranking for all the right keywords and performing well in overall searches. Why wouldn’t you want your blog to serve the same purpose? To accomplish the same goals? Just as you likely implemented a strategy for website creation, you must do the same for your blog.

Just as you implemented a strategy for website creation, you must do the same for your blog.Click To Tweet

We get it; you’re already panicking over managing yet another content pipeline, another calendar, another process that might require approvals. Take a deep breath. It’s easier than you think when you break it into manageable steps.

Three Steps for Crafting a Successful Blog Content Strategy:

Design a blog template.

This is a critical first step for any blog content strategy. Providing you’ve already done the legwork for your website, it’s likely you have what you need to get started. Your template should include the author and title of the piece, list of keywords and a brief description of the topic. This will help you (or other company bloggers) keep SEO and keywords top of mind when drafting content.

Implement a calendar.

We know this might sound daunting, but it’s important. By mapping out a calendar, and posting consistently, it helps establish your blog as an ongoing resource. Don’t overthink this part of the process. Create a calendar that works within your schedule and other priorities. With a calendar in place, you can plan ahead and have control over how frequently you’ll post. Word of advice: You should post at least two to four blogs a month to generate a regular posting cadence and earn steady visitor traffic.

Regularly check the news.

You’re probably wondering how you’ll have enough content to fill two to four blogs a month. Again, let your keywords list help guide you, then keep tabs on the news and social media for inspiration and to seek out timely conversations you can join. In the same way that we check the news for potential media opportunities, we’re also checking to see what people are currently focused on. This helps stay on top of trends and ensure you’re always mapping your content back to what’s currently interesting your customers.

Remember that, creating a blog content strategy and managing a calendar is meant to make your life easier, not harder. Don’t let the process intimidate you. Instead, embrace it and create a blog that further cements your expertise.

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