Conferences are important places for financial services executives to check the pulse of the industry, make connections and do business. But attending (or speaking at) every relevant industry event could be a full-time position. As marketers and communicators, part of our job is identifying and vetting platforms to determine if/how particular events fit (or not) within a client’s conference strategy. It’s an ongoing process as conference agendas change from year-to-year and new platforms emerge. While the value of each event varies depending on your brand’s specific goals, there are certain events that stand out. Following are a few of our top picks for financial services conferences that have proven to be worth the investment.

High-Impact Financial Services Conferences


There is still time to register for In|Vest, which takes place July 10-11, 2018 in New York City. Now in its fourth year, the conference brings together nearly 1,000 senior executives across the entire wealth management industry – traditional banks, broker dealers, private banks, regionals and independents, online investment platforms, technology and service providers. The program is carefully curated to arm attendees with the insights needed to stay ahead of the rapidly changing industry. Demos expose attendees to the technologies and innovations on the horizon. But what our clients find most valuable are the opportunities to interact and debate with a diverse group of professionals who are navigating all sides of wealth management’s digital transformation.

Money 20/20

As the largest event for innovation in payments and financial services, chances are Money 20/20 is already on your radar. It should stay there. In 2018, the platform – well established in the USA and Europe – announced Asia and China editions. With more than 11,000 attendees, the USA conference is still the largest of the Money 20/20 events. Despite the large size, CEOs and presidents comprise a good portion of the audience. Can’t make it to one of the marquee events? Check out the schedule for the Money 20/20 Roadshow. Leading up to Money 20/20 USA, organizers host a series of intimate fintech events across the country.

Chances are Money 20/20 is already on your radar. It should stay there.Click To Tweet


The Bloomberg Live team continues to roll out fresh and interesting new programs to complement signature events such as Year Ahead. Of note is the Sooner Than You Think series that explores some of the latest technology advancements impacting how we live. The next U.S. edition, taking place this October in Brooklyn, New York, will have a special emphasis on the future of money. The program delves into the technologies changing how we spend, save and invest. Bloomberg events tend to be a bit more intimate than In|Vest and Money 20/20, offering increased opportunities for high-value networking with a powerful c-suite audience.

These are just a few of the financial services conferences where executives are gathering to build brand thought leadership. Beyond industry market events, we’re also finding that the future of money is taking center stage at broader conferences, such as the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival. What events are core to your PR strategy this year?

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