As the world prepares to ring in a new decade, Stern Strategy Group reflected on the significant shifts that impacted our world in big ways. The consensus? Public relations and marketing look a lot different today than they did in 2010. Here are just a few of our ruminations.

On Media Relations

Political news reshaped the media landscape in ways no one could have predicted. It became almost unrecognizable. Operating effectively in this environment and generating media coverage for our clients required rethinking media relations strategy and approaching story pitching in an entirely different way. We had to keep pace with a news cycle that was constantly in “breaking news” mode. — Ned Ward, Senior Vice President

Twitter (and social media in general) has transformed the way news and its fake counterpart are disseminated. It also, though, has presented us with unprecedented access to journalists’ thinking, process, etc. Prior to Twitter, one would need to extensively research reporters to get even a cursory understanding of their professional styles. Now, just by scrolling through reporters’ feeds, you can sense their personalities, what they are interested in – both professionally and personally – and whether they are currently looking for sources. For all its faults, Twitter has become an invaluable tool to build/begin relationships with journalists. — Taylor Fenske, Senior Supervisor

On Social Media

Beyond its role in media relations, social media itself has made major moves. Specifically, the more recent shifts in social media algorithms have increased the need for social ad campaigns. There’s no way to guarantee target audiences will see organic posts; paid campaigns work to skew that. That said, social media influencers have also changed the way products are promoted. — Justine Strzepek, Assistant Associate

On Podcasts

A decade ago, few if any people knew what a podcast was, let alone had the means or know-how to download one (and forget about producing one). Thanks to smart phones and ever-advancing technology, podcasts have become an accessible medium for an on-demand generation, and they’re continuing to grow in reach and popularity. With 700,000 known podcasts on iTunes to date, you can find a show (or two) on virtually any topic imaginable, which makes podcasts an ideal medium for niche audiences – and a dream platform for brands working to build connections with their audiences. — Tara Baumgarten, Senior Vice President

The pace of change will only quicken in 2020 and beyond. What changes have you seen in PR and marketing over the last 10 years? How have they impacted your brand? Share your thoughts with us on social media @sternstrategy.

For more than 15 years, Jen Zottola has helped bring clients’ stories to life – through media opportunities, digital and marketing content, executive presentations, employee communications and more. Fusing creativity with strategy, she crafts compelling, award-winning copy proven to reach and resonate with the right audiences in the most impactful ways. As editorial director, Jen collaborates with clients and account teams to provide counsel on messaging and voice, as well as writing and editing support. Her creativity isn’t reserved only for writing; Jen also gets a kick out of party- and event planning.