Nearly 100 days into the new administration, the tempo of – and demand for – political news shows no signs of slowing. Coupled with other shifts, such as the continued rise and influence of social media alongside fake news, the dynamics of media are changing. Fast. It’s making it tough for most of us to be heard, but it’s not impossible – especially if you heed these four proven media relations strategies.

4 Proven Media Relations Strategies:

1. Pitch at the perfect time.

It may be a 24/7 news cycle, but that doesn’t mean you should send emails any time, day or night, and expect it to be read. How do you determine the “best” time? If you already have a rapport with the reporter, it may only take a friendly conversation. Otherwise, experiment. This handy infographic is a good place to start.

2. Convey relevance to readers.

It’s never been more important to tie your story with the interests of reporters – and their readers. It requires research. Monitor their articles and social posts. Notice a trend in the topics they’re tweeting? Did their profile update on platforms like Cision? See a shift in coverage from technology to travel? Your media list lives and breathes. Keep it updated – and keep your pitches on point.

3. Support your story with facts.

Short and sweet (and intriguing) pitches may get their attention, but if you want to keep journalists interested and move them to act on your angle, you need details – facts, numbers, stats – that prove your story is worthy. According to a study of more than 600 journalists by Business Wire, supporting facts (65%), interesting story angles (62%), and trending topics (53%) are the most important facets of a pitch.

4. Visuals for the win.

We’re visual creatures by nature – and media outlets are catching on. Offering additional, visually stimulating and informative materials to your pitch not only offers a more complete “story” to journalists, but it ups your odds of winning coverage. The same Business Wire study reported journalists deem photos, graphics and infographics among the most pertinent content submitted in a pitch.

Media relations is a moving target, but with the right techniques, PR pros have the assets to make content alluring and newsworthy. Click To Tweet

Media is a moving target these days. But with the right techniques, PR pros have the assets to make your content alluring and newsworthy. While hitting the media bullseye is still a challenge, it’s still within your sights.

Under Threat: The Changing Role of Media Relations in PR [E-Book]

Mike was most recently an assistant associate with Stern Strategy Group.