Any successful marketer will tell you a good marketing strategy has multiple elements, including media relations, content marketing, SEO marketing, and social media, among others. Each one complements the other, building an effective ecosystem of brand awareness throughout multiple platforms. Media relations and SEO strategies, in particular, complement one another because they often contribute to improved search engine optimization scores. This is what our trusted, go-to SEO resource Moz calls “domain authority,” a logarithmic scale-based score that predicts how well a website ranks on search engine results based on a score of one to 100. Sites with a large quantity of high-quality inbound links earn a higher domain authority score. The higher a website’s score, the greater ability the website has to rank.

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How does media relations contribute to a site’s domain authority?

Media Relations and SEO Strategy


A “backlink” or “inbound link” is created when one website links to another. According to Moz, backlinks represent a “vote of confidence” for a site; they signify credibility. When a site with a higher domain authority than yours backlinks to your site, it can positively impact your page’s domain authority ranking by Moz. This is where media relations comes into play. News sites often have higher domain authorities than other sites.

With media relations, there are a few strategies for securing opportunities to feature your brand or your client in the news. There are two in particular: contributed articles (articles written by you/your client) and commentary (where you/your client is quoted as a source in a reporter-written article). Ideally, a contributed article contains at least 1-2 external links to various websites, and preferably one of them should link to your website. However, don’t toe the line between promotional and informational. In other words, don’t link to service or product pages. If nothing else, stick with a link back to the author’s bio on your website instead. Remember, credibility is key here. Contributed articles are not the place to “sell.”

In articles where you/your client is included as an expert source in a piece written by the reporter, you have less control regarding links. It’s up to the editor if they backlink your brand/client. Do make the request, however. After all, media placements on websites like NYT, WSJ, Forbes, CNBC and Time that backlink to your site are excellent for link building – and building your credibility, with Google and with customers. These sites have high domain authorities and appear higher in organic search results as credible sources. If media sites link back to your site, Google views this as a vote of confidence.


Of course, you can boost your domain authority without media relations, though strategic outreach is still required. Instead of through news placements, you can try backlinking through external blog posts. The best way to accomplish this is to create a list of target blogs with relatively high domain authorities. Become a frequent follower and identify posts that apply to your brand’s content. If there’s a blog in need of a source or link you can provide, send a friendly note to the author and ask if they’d consider including it. The goal is to secure more quality links in higher ranking pages to improve your credibility. However, keep in mind that in the same way media relations works, the link should be relevant and helpful to the blog post. Avoid being a mooch.

While media relations and SEO may be two different elements of a marketing strategy, when put together, they’re extremely effective in building SEO.

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