Getting the right message to the right people can be a tough proposition. With an overwhelming amount of information flowing freely online, it’s seemingly impossible to reach, let alone influence, your target audience. But with strategic communications planning and the latest technologies, this daunting task isn’t only more achievable, it’s a lot more fun.

Take a fresh look at your communications plan and consider implementing – or at least experimenting with – these hot tech trends.

Tech Trends for Communications Planning:


How many overhead food videos have you seen on social media recently? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos have almost 90 million likes and an additional 90 million follows on Facebook alone. There’s a reason why these videos and others like them continuously show up on your various social media feeds, making them hard to ignore. Social media algorithms prefer video content because it generates higher engagement and more click-throughs than traditional static content. Additionally, video will be more than 80 percent of search traffic (both business and consumer) by 2022, up from 75 percent in 2017. Incorporating video is a must.

There’s a reason Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos are hard to ignore. Social media algorithms prefer video.Click To Tweet

Artificial Intelligence

While online video is nothing new, artificial intelligence (AI) is. AI became more prevalent in the workplace this year and its use – and value – will only continue to grow in popularity and influence. While many still see AI as an evil robot designed to take over the world, there are a ton of helpful services that incorporate AI today. Take BuzzSumo, for example. This powerful tool utilizes machine learning to classify articles into easily searchable topics, helping PR professionals make informed decisions about the types of content people want to interact with. BuzzSumo is just one of many AI technologies improving how we do our jobs. The potential for AI in our field and others is huge.


Chatbots are another form of AI. And while they’re nowhere near ready to take the reins from a human in customer service, they are gaining ground quickly and worth watching. Language processing is very difficult for AI to understand which makes interacting with human input difficult. This is something software engineers are constantly working to improve, to the point where some experts claim 85 percent of customer interactions will be managed by chatbots by 2020. Sounds sinister for job security, but it turns out chatbots create jobs in four out of five businesses that employ it. Chatbots aren’t intended to take over all interaction. Instead, PR professionals should think of “employing” chatbots to simplify interactions.

Continue evaluating how technology and other trends factor into and impact your communications strategy and business goals. Your ability to stay current, and even ahead of competition, depends on it.

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