Content. Creating content. Socializing content. Marketing content. Content, content, content. It’s (almost) all we hear – and talk – about these days. It’s the king. The SEO superstar. The social media ruler. But for many of us marketers and PR pros, it’s also a big challenge. You need more inspiration to write it. Tips to better promote it. Advice for how to measure it. As an editorial director, I don’t have all the answers (my colleagues have the others), but I can at least get you started in the right direction toward valuable content.

Do these three things to create more powerful marketing content.

Inspire and incite action.

Content marketing centers on helping your customers and ideal buyers think differently and solve problems. But the best content does those things with ethos. Emotion is powerful. Get personal with your content. Use experiences, stories and anecdotes to tell a story that makes your readers feel something. Move them, ideally toward your call to action. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Before you write, plan.

Yes, pushing out content with frequency matters – a lot. But quality still matters more. While you’re under increasing pressure to churn out blog after eblast after whitepaper, you shouldn’t be creating content just for the sake of creating content. Be smart about what you’re producing. Have a plan. An editorial calendar can help outline your strategy, keeping you to a publishing schedule but also helping ensure specific stories are targeting your buyer personas with the right messages. After all, good writing isn’t just about good copy, it’s about good thinking.

Yes, pushing out content with frequency matters – a lot. But quality still matters more.Click To Tweet

Align your content to marketing – and business – goals.

Content is central to your organization’s communications and marketing strategy. But just because the content and campaigns are well produced doesn’t necessarily mean they’re effective. At the end of the day, you need to prove your work contributes to helping move the brand forward – to keep current customers happy and to gain new ones. Make sure your content emphasizes and strengthens your company’s thought leadership.

Ready to write your next piece of content? Make it exciting, emotional, actionable and measurable. Want to make sure your strategy for marketing content is on point? Our guide can help.

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For nearly 15 years, Jen Zottola has helped bring clients’ stories to life – through media opportunities, digital and marketing content, executive presentations, employee communications and more. Fusing creativity with strategy, she crafts compelling, award-winning copy proven to reach and resonate with the right audiences in the most impactful ways. As editorial director, Jen collaborates with clients and account teams to provide counsel on messaging and voice, as well as writing and editing support. Her creativity isn’t reserved only for writing; Jen also gets a kick out of party- and event planning.